The Buzz Business Cloud is currently only available to businesses operating within Trinidad & Tobago. We require submission of Know Your Customer documents in order to create a Business Cloud account which includes:

1. Proof of Business Registration in Trinidad & Tobago

2. Company's Trinidad & Tobago Bank Account Statement with Address

3. Authorized Signatory's Identification

After signing up and submitting all your KYC documents it takes 24 business hours for the approval process. Once successful you can start accepting payments online immediately. Payments received from your customers are held for 4 working days then added to your wallet balance. You can request a withdrawal from this wallet to your bank account at your convenience. The transfer of funds usually takes 24 hours from the time of the request.

Our Business Cloud service features include the creation of Payment Links, Invoices, Subscriptions, and Appointments. The easiest form of payment is the Payment Link which you can easily generate using the Business Cloud Dashboard and send directly to your customers. Upon receipt of the Payment Link, they will see the amount to pay, enter their information, and complete the payment. Similarly, you can create Invoices, Subscriptions, and Appointments to send directly to customers. To learn more about Buzz Business Cloud features, click here.

Follow the steps outlined below to Sign Up for a Buzz Business Cloud account:

Step 1

Visit the Buzz Business Cloud Sign-Up page, and choose either the Login or Sign Up buttons on the top right of the screen. A modal will pop up requesting you Sign-Up for or Log In to a previously created regular Buzz User Account. Complete the section relevant to you to continue.

Figure 1.1 shows the Buzz Login Modal

Step 2

Once you have logged in to your regular Buzz User Account, click the Select Plan button under the plan you choose. Use the Monthly/Annual toggle button to save by purchasing an annual plan instead of a monthly plan.

Figure 1.2 shows the Business Cloud Plan Selection Page toggle button for switching between Monthly and Annual Billing Cycles

Step 3

Fill out all the information fields under the "Tell us a bit about yourself" page and click the Start Trial button.

Tooltip: hovering your cursor on the (i) tooltip symbol next to the Brand Logo will display the necessary dimensions for the image.

Figure 1.3. shows the information fields on the Tell Us A Bit About Yourself Page

Step 4

Welcome to your Buzz Business Cloud Dashboard! Your account will be in Test Mode as it has not been verified and activated to accept live payments. To do so, click the Get Verified link, the second step in your Dashboard Setup Wizard.

Figure 1.4. shows the Business Cloud Dashboard Setup Wizard

Step 5

Fill in the information fields on all 6 of the Activation Form tabs. To save entered information and progress to a new tab, click the Save & Continue button. When all data has been entered, click the Submit Form button.

Tip: if a scanner is unavailable and you are submitting photographs of your documents, please ensure they are well lit and legible.

Figure 1.5. shows the Business Cloud Activation Form

Step 6

As previously stated, it takes 24 business hours for the approval process. Once submitted documents have been reviewed by the Buzz Team, you will be contacted via email as to whether new documents are required for approval to continue or upon approval or denial of your Business Cloud Account.

If you require further assistance, please send us a message and we will work together on Activating your Buzz Business Cloud Account. Click on this image located on the right of your screen to chat with us.

Figure 1.6 shows our Help Chat Box

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