By using the Ticket Orders feature, you can accept offline payments while providing an electronic Buzz Ticket. You can collect this information alongside your online sales and keep track of payments. 

1. Login to your Buzz Account

2. Click on the Profile Icon 

3. Select the Event Manager

4. Find the Event for which you would like to manage your Ticket Orders, then click Manage.

5. On your Event Manager Dashboard, click on the Manage tab, then on Orders

6. Click on Add New Order

7. Complete the Add New Order form:

  • Order Number - You can either manually type in the order number or the system can generate one for you.

  • Buzz User - If the person is on Buzz, type their profile name in the text box instead of completing the Name Of Attendee and Email Of Attendee fields. The event Ticket will be sent to their My Tickets section of their Buzz Account. 

  • Name Of Attendee - Fill this field only if the person is not a Buzz User. This is for you to keep track of your attendees.

  • Email of Attendee - Fill this field only if the person is not a Buzz User. The event Ticket will be sent to the email address provided. 

  • Status - This is to indicate whether the person has already paid you for the Ticket(s) or that the payment is still pending. 

  • Currency - Select the currency of the payment. 

  • Tickets - Enter the various kinds, quantities and prices of Tickets in the Order.

8. Select Add Order to save your data

Now you are able to continue adding more orders by selecting More Options, then Add Manual Order. When you've compiled a long list of orders, you can search for orders by using the Search Bar

You can view details you've entered by selecting Order Details. You are also able to Resend Tickets to the purchaser of the order, Cancel the order, Revoke Tickets individually in the order, and Contact or Message the purchaser of the order.

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