1. Login to your Buzz Account.

2. Click on the Profile Icon.

3. Go to the Event Manager.

4. Find the event you wish to promote from your list of events then click the Manage button.

5. On your Dashboard, click on the Promote tab, then select Tools & Widgets. There will be three options and absolutely no limits to what these options can do!

6. Post To Social Media - This posts your event/s on various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) for all your attendees to see! With a click of a button, you’re right on track.

7. Ticket Widget - You can sell tickets right from your personal website or blog by using one of our promotional widgets. It's a great way to drive ticket sales and make your event more accessible. Just copy the HTML code given in the space and paste it into your website. It’s as easy as that.

8. Website Badge - If you’re utilizing your own event website, you can link your event to your Buzz page. A "Get Tickets" icon will be shown on your website once it has been copied and pasted into your website. 


                                                                     *All Promotional Tools Are SSL Secured. 

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