How to make a payment using Buzz Invoices
Received a Buzz Invoice from a merchant? Here's how to pay a Buzz Invoice
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Step 1

Click on the "Pay Now" button of the Invoice email from the Merchant you are about to pay. You will then be directed to a page similar to Figure 1.1.

* Please note that the Merchant you wish to pay is responsible for generating an Invoice for your transaction, not Buzz. Please contact your Merchant if you have not received your Invoice.

Figure 1.1 depicts a sample Buzz Invoice

This page is your digital invoice. Please ensure all the information contained therein is accurate per arrangements between you and the merchant to be paid. Scroll down to the Payment Information Area to continue.

Step 2

You will then be directed to Sign In to your Buzz Account (or continue as a guest if you prefer) and enter your Credit Card Information.

Figure 1.2 depicts the Payments Information Data Entry Area on a Buzz Invoice

By clicking "Sign In" you can either Log In to your existing Buzz Account or Sign Up for a Buzz account if you’re not yet a member.

If you are already a member, you can select the login option relevant to how you created your account; entering your Buzz Credentials into the empty fields and selecting "Login With Buzz" or selecting the "Login With Facebook" option.

If you are not already a member, click on the orange Sign Up button to start the short process to become a member of Buzz.

Figure 1.3 depicts the Login Modal on a Buzz Invoice

Step 3

After being signed into Buzz, a new page containing the information in Figure 1.1 will appear with the Payment Information Area located below as shown in Figure 1.4.

Fill out all Payment Information fields with your Credit Card information. You can opt to save this information if you plan to make future purchases using the Buzz Pay platform.

When your information has been completed, click the "Pay Now" button.

Figure 1.4 depicts the Payment Information Area

Figure 1.5 depicts the Please Wait Processing Message

Please remain on the page while your payment is being processed. It takes a few seconds and you will be rewarded with a Payment Confirmation message as well as an emailed downloadable invoice when your transaction is successful. If a redirect was enabled for the Invoice, you will be redirected to the Merchant's website.

Figure 1.6 depicts the Successful Payment Confirmation

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