1. Login to your Buzz Account 

2. Click on the Profile Icon

3. Select the Event Manager

4. Find the event you wish to promote from your list of events then click the Manage button.

 5. On your Dashboard, select the Setup button, and then Discounts. 

6. After you select Discounts, proceed to click the Add New Discount button to get started. 

7. A pop up will appear, requiring you to fill out the details of your discount. Fill out all the required information. You can either apply a discounted Percentage (%) or a Fixed Amount to your Tickets. The Percentage (%) option will apply a desired fraction of the ticket price to be discounted. The Fixed Amount option will apply a specific non-dynamic value to be discounted from the ticket price. Uses Allowed is the number of times the discount can be utilized by attendees during the checkout process. If this is set as Unlimited, the discount will be applied to all ticket transactions within the duration of the discount time frame. 

8. Enter the Status as Active. This enables the discount, allowing your event attendees the ability to purchase discounted event tickets. Enter the start and end dates for which the discount would be available, and ensure that the event is checked in the checkbox. 

9. After the information is filled in, click Add Discount

You have now activated a Discount for your Tickets. 

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