1. Login to your Buzz Account

2. Click on the Profile Icon

3. Select the Event Manager 

4. Find the Event for which you would like to customize your Registration Form, then click Manage.

5. On your Event Manager Dashboard click on the Customize tool, then select Registration Form

6. Choose Who Do You Want To Collect Information From

  • Only the Buyer requires only one Registration Form to be filled when a buyer purchases one or more Tickets. For example; John purchases 10 tickets for himself and his friends. He only has to fill out one Registration Form, as he is purchasing the 10 Tickets collectively. 

  • All Attendees requires a Registration Form per Ticket to be filled when a buyer purchases one or more Tickets. For example; John now has to fill out 10 Registration Forms - one for each Ticket in his purchase.

7. Create questions for What Additional Information Do You Want To Collect. This takes customization to a whole new level! You can now add specific questions in order to collect additional data about your event attendees. Names and emails are always collected, so this is your opportunity to collect Marketing & Research data for analysis. Select Add Question and enter the question into the box provided. Choose the type of answers that can be entered on the Registration Form: 

  • Text Box - An empty line in which attendees provides a short answer to your question.

  • Text Area - An empty field in which attendees can provide a lengthy answer to your question. 

  • Drop Down - Answers are provided and one is to be selected from a drop down menu. 

  • Checkboxes - Answers are provided and multiple answers can be selected by ticking checkboxes.

  • Radio Buttons - Answers are provided and only one option can be choosen.

8. Click Save or Insert at the bottom of the insert question field to save your individual question.

9. Select Add Question again to enter a new question to be asked on the Registration Form.

10. Select Save, located next to Add Question in order to save and publish your customized Registration Form

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