Tickets are immediately sent to the email address you provided when purchasing from Buzz. If you can't locate your Tickets, try these steps: 

1.   Ensure that Buzz is the ticketing company from which you purchased tickets for the event in question. People often think we sell tickets to everything (which would be great), but this isn't the case as yet. 

2. Check the spam/junk folder of your email account in case the tickets have been routed there by your email provider. 

3. Do you have multiple email accounts? The most common problem we've encountered has been users entering an incorrect email address or forgetting which of their email addresses was used during purchasing, so be sure to check any other email accounts you may have used.

4. It's also a good idea to check your bank statement and confirm your transaction was completed successfully and that the funds were taken from your account.

5. You can always log in to your Buzz account and check your purchase history in your My Tickets area. You can download any tickets you have purchased and print them again.

If these steps have not helped, please contact us by sending a support request: provide us with the name of the event for which you purchased tickets, the date of purchase, and the name used to purchase the tickets - this helps us narrow the search down!

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