Your event dashboard is a summary of your event. It can prove to be very helpful in providing information at a glance. It shows the following:

  • Total Revenue – This is the total amount of money your event made.

  • Tickets Sales – This is the number of tickets sold for an event.

  • Checked In – This shows the number of person’s that checked into the event.

  • Pageviews – This shows how many people viewed your event page.

  • Event sales in the form of a graph

  • Sales By Ticket Type in the form of a graph

  • Latest Activity feed.

Included also in the top right hand corner are some Quick Action buttons. 

Manage order - allows you to see all your orders and their details.

View tickets - shows the different ticket types and the price, amount sold and number of tickets left. You can also set ticket restrictions and add new tickets.

Update event - lets you make changes to your event.

Promote - gives you the options to either post to social media, put a ticket widget on your website or put a website badge on your page.

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